Titleist Golf SM5 WEDGE Review
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    The Titleist Golf SM5 retails for $145 in the steel version and $170 for the graphite (MSRP). Long story short, the best way to describe the Titleist Golf SM5 is as an upgrade to what it's widely considered the industry standard in regards to wedges. Basically, if you're into classic design and next generation performance levels, the Titleist Golf SM5 is the perfect choice, being an old-school looking wedge which has nothing to prove, but now with more options on top of its legendary status.

    The design is classic and clean as usual, but with the latest reiteration, the Titleist Golf SM5 looks even more refined than ever, featuring minimal branding, an almost modest paint and a clean finish. You know that saying, you talk the talk but you don't walk the walk? Well, the Titleist Golf SM5 basically lets the club do the talking. The overall shape of the Titleist Golf SM5 is a compact pear-shape featuring a very thin top-line. The sound is also “by the manual”, i.e. a classic click when the ball hits the face, the feel is still relatively soft but the sound is confidence boosting and re-assuring. The feedback is solid and the Titleist Golf SM5 now features new and deeper grooves which increase spin and they're more durable. The new Titleist Golf SM5 provide excellent spin, control and it's hugely versatile on shots from around the green. The latest improvements of the Titleist Golf SM5 make this wedge an almost ideal choice for nearly any golfer, thanks to the increased fitting options and customization level. Highly recommended!