Vokey SM6 Wedge Reviews
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    The latest and the greatest from Titleist, i.e. the Vokey SM6 wedges, are engineered with a clear purpose in mind: to offer you, the player, improved versatility, gapping, feel and spin control like never before!

    According to Bob Vokey, the SM6 wedges are the best ever made, and that's a pretty bold statement. Now, let's see what's all the hubbub, shall we? Retailing for $140 (suggested price), the new SM6 version features a specially designed CG (center of gravity), which is know progressive, thus it offers way more trajectory control, distance and improved feel when compared to the previous generation (the hugely popular Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge).

    Titleist achieved this level of performance with the new/progressive center of gravity, which now aligns more effectively with the impact position of every loft, in order to deliver more distance and incredible feel, shot after shot. Also, the design was improved, making for maybe the best looking Vokey wedge ever made. After testing the the Vokey SM6 wedges, I was truly impressed, as they offered absolutely off the charts levels of precision and detail, helping a lot with controlling the ball trajectory, producing more consistent shots and, finally, leading to better scores. However, I must tell you one thing folks: as far as design goes, these babies are not for everyone. I mean, if you're that kind of golf player which requires the confidence levels offered by a bigger club head at address, I mean if you need something massive behind the ball, the Vokey SM6 wedges with their Jet Black raw finish may disappoint you. But, if you're looking for sheer performance, you should take these for a test drive, starting from March 11 when they'll become available in three finishes: Steel Gray, Tour Chrome and Jet Black (raw).