The Titleist NXT Tour S golf ball is known for its soft feel and exceptional distance. While Titleist does not disclose the exact compression rating of the NXT Tour S, it is generally considered to have a compression in the mid-range.

The NXT Tour S features a multi-component construction that includes a soft compression core, a thin Fusablend cover, and a high-performance dimple design. This combination is designed to provide a soft feel, low spin off the tee, and excellent control around the greens.

The soft compression core of the NXT Tour S helps to enhance ball speed and distance, making it suitable for players with moderate to high swing speeds. The lower compression allows for better energy transfer and can help maximize distance without sacrificing control.

The thin Fusablend cover provides a soft feel and increased short game control, allowing for precise shots around the green. The cover also contributes to the durability of the ball, ensuring it maintains its performance characteristics over time.

The high-performance dimple design of the NXT Tour S promotes a consistent ball flight and reduces drag for longer carries. This dimple pattern helps the ball maintain stability in the air, providing optimal trajectory and distance performance.

Compression is just one factor to consider when choosing a golf ball. Other factors such as spin, feel, durability, and personal preference also play a role. It's important to experiment with different golf balls to find the one that best suits your game and preferences.

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