The updated and improved Bridgestone JGR Range
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    For many years, the last thing people would associate with Bridgestone was high quality golf clubs. However, over the past decade, they have grown and grown to such a point where they are now very close to breaking into the top echelon of golf club makers. Their commitment to the design process, both functionally and visually is conducted with the same precision that the company first made their name by making tires. The clubs are fully decked out with all of the features that you could ever possibly need. With the full new range, Bridgestone are cementing their reputation amongst golfers all across of the world.

    The new Bridgestone JRG driver has a unique double arc shaped design that is paired with a flexible crown, which is called speed ARC technology. What this allows the club to do is to have more of a springy effect when the ball has been struck, which results in your shots having a higher trajectory and further distances. The face of the driver has been optimised in such a way through a new milling pattern that it gets tighter and tighter as you descend down the face. This means that any shots which are hit slightly thin, will produce less spin and any shots with excessive sidespin will be mitigated by the unique vertical grooves that are on the toe and the heel. This helps to make your tee shots to be a lot less wayward when you do not strike the ball well. The JGR driver is also equipped with a number of different interchangeable weight options, meaning that you can change the 6 and 12 gram weights to tailor the club to your preferred trajectory and ball shape.

    The new JRG fairway woods are completely built from stainless steel and possess a lot of the same unique features that the new JRG driver possesses, such as the stiff sole and the flexible crown. The speed ARC technology generates less spin when you mishit the ball, making your bad shots a lot better than they otherwise would have been. The fairway woods do not have interchangeable weights, but they do have one plug located on the sole of the head which can be changed to improve your launch trajectory and forgiveness off of the tee and the fairway. There are a number of different lofts available.

    The new JRG hybrid forged irons are available in both steel and graphite. They possess a paired forged design coupled with a carbon steel body and a face made from alloy. The company claims that this combination results in the JRG irons range being the deepest and lowest centre of gravity in the entire market of forged irons. As the face is unsupported, it is very thin and it wraps around the sole of the club. The sole is large in order to make the irons playable from nearly every type of lie and turf condition imaginable. The entire JRG range is being released on the 4th of March.