TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Wedge, Tour Preferred EF Wedge KBS 610 Black
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    In the world of golf equipment, wedges are serious business. While many golfers obsess over the details of their driver selection, your game stands to benefit just as much – if not more so – from a great wedge.

    You will use your wedge many times within the course of any given round, and the shots that you hit with that wedge hold great importance over your score. if you can consistently hit the ball close to the hole with your wedge, bogeys will turn into pars, and pars will turn into birdies.

    It shouldn't come as any surprise that Taylormade is a major player in the wedge world as well. Their newest offering in this category is the Tour Preferred EF Wedge, along with the Tour Preferred EF Wedge KBS 610 Black. In both cases, the 'EF' refers to electroformed, which is the process used to create the grooves on the face of these wedges. The grooves are a big part of the story when it comes to wedges, as they are what enable the ball to spin when it leaves the face of the club. You always want to have fresh grooves when you are striking a wedge shot, and Taylormade is promoting the grooves on the EF wedges as some of the longest-lasting in the business.

    Beyond the grooves, these are simply great wedges to look at, which is another important part of the equation. Just like when you are picking out an iron set, you want to make sure you love the look of your wedges at address – both for full shots, and for chipping purposes. You can buy these wedges in a variety of loft and bounce configurations, from 47* – 62* of loft, and from 7* up to 15* of bounce. Of course, you will want to fill out your set with more than just one wedge, so you might want to purchase two or more of these clubs in order to give yourself all of the options you need.

    For serious players who want maximum control over wedge shots, the KBS 610 Black option is one worth considering. This is a shaft is that specifically designed for wedges, and it is meant to help you produce lower, more penetrating ball flights with your wedge swings. Keeping the ball low is a great way to control distance and be more accurate on approaches. While the average golfer likes to throw the ball up as high into the air as possible with a wedge swing, the accomplished player knows that staying closer to the ground is the far better choice. The KBS 610 Black is only available in a limited selection of lofts, and it is offered with the ATV sole grind.

    As should be clear by this point, Taylormade offers great equipment throughout the bag, from drivers down to wedges, golf balls, and much more. Anytime you are in the market for new golf gear, you should at least consider TaylorMade as one of your strongest options. The brand is well-represented on professional tours around the world, and you won't be able to go far at your local course without spotting several TaylorMade products in the bags of fellow players. Once you have the perfect set of clubs and other equipment at your disposal, you will be ready to give the course everything you have in your upcoming rounds – play well!