TaylorMade Updates P790 irons

The P790 irons from TaylorMade are described by golf enthusiasts as modern cult classics, but the company just decided to go that “extra mile” and presented the general public with the new and improved version, or something along these lines. The 2019 version comes 2 years after the original P790 took the world by storm, and truth be told, the first-gen’s popularity surpassed the company’s expectations, as the positive response was literally overwhelming.

To describe the P790 in a few words, we’d say that these foam filled irons are technology packed to the brim and they’re designed to be a players’ distance iron; and since we used the magic words (players’ irons), the P790 are a common sight even in elite players’ bags, and you can take that to the bank. Basically, TaylorMade did the impossible: they released a mass-production piece of golf gear which managed to break the normal bias for elite players, as a large number of Tour pros/professional golfers ended up buying the whole set, and that’s pretty rare, to say the least.

TaylorMade Updates P790 irons

We must emphasize it once more: the P790 are designed to be players’ distance irons, first and foremost, as that’s the niche they’re crafted to live in. However, while performing beautifully in the hands of a professional, the P790 are a rare bird so to speak, as they’re actually quite forgiving, and perform and fly very similar to a game improvement club, but without sacrificing looks in the process. We know that sounds almost impossible and unbelievable, but TaylorMade did it, and that explains the popularity of the P790. They’re basically unicorns, and yes, there are very few unicorns in golf-world, because most of the time, there’s always a sacrifice made, but in this case, well, there is none.

The big question is then, why fix something that’s not broken? Or, how can one improve something that’s already perfect? Why would TaylorMade launch a new version of an already best-selling (and in high demand) product? The most probable explanation for the P790 “facelift” is that the company is looking to win the hearts and minds of people who are still on the fence, i.e. they’re not preaching to the coir. Mind you, the second gen P790 is not radically different from the original one, as the changes are subtle, and it appears that TaylorMade addressed the main critiques of the first version, but kept the DNA intact, and that’s extraordinary. On the outside, the new P790 features the same hollow body design, just like the original, and uses 8620 carbon steel plus forged 4140 carbon steel (body and wrapped face respectively).

TaylorMade Updates P790 irons

The topline is thinner though, and that makes for better optics in our view, due to a higher blade length out toward the toe; this particular design is clearly aimed at appealing to elite players, that’s a no brainer. The change is not huge, but you’ll notice it at first glance, provided you’re familiarized with the first gen. Moreover, TaylorMade tried to improve turf interaction, just a little, mind you, and they achieved that via a tweaked sole. Also, the 3 through 6-irons feature a progressive offset and a more compact blade length, which also addresses the “elite player’s optics” issue.

Optics aside, let’s check out the inside, because it’s the soul that matters, right? The second gen P790 irons use TaylorMade’s proprietary SpeedFoam technology, to no one’s surprise really, which works like an anchor in the famous hollow body design. Basically, the SpeedFoam thing can be described as the glue that holds it all together, as it’s critical in regard to making the elements in the head to work together as one. On top of that, TaylorMade added 15% more tungsten low and across the face, in the cavity respectively, in order to lower the center of gravity even further. Now, the P790 irons are famous for their red-hot face, but the new version is designed to be even hotter, as it boats a 7 percent thinner face. And if you’re wondering what’s so great about a 7 percent decrease in thinness, well, in the real world that translates into improved feel and faster ball speeds. However, the most important feature in the new P790 irons is arguably the recently introduced PICT technology. PICT stands for Progressive Inverted Cone Technology and, to make a long and boring tech-story short and sweet, allows for more accuracy and forgiveness across the face via magic or something along these lines. The PICT gizmo works in tandem with TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology, which is more flexible in the new generation, and helps a lot with evening out misses out of the bottom of the club’s face.

TaylorMade Updates P790 irons

Finally, the good news is that these magnificent irons are already available, and you can purchase them for $1,399.99 USD (steel) or $1,599.99 USD (graphite).



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