TaylorMade Introduces New Spider X Line of Putters

A couple of months ago, back in January, TaylorMade revealed the new Spider X family, which makes for the tenth generation of their famous Spider putters. Speaking of updating an already legendary putter, the Spider X arrive with a redesigned frame, a new OES (optically engineered sightline) featuring the company’s patented True Path Alignment System and a new weighting system.

According to TaylorMade, the Spider X is the result of extensive research and development derived from studying more than 10,000 putts from a distance of 12 ft. The respective study revealed that the vast majority of golf players strike the ball toward the toe 66% of the time, due to a parallax effect of sorts. Hence, the new TaylorMade Spider X putters are built with a True Path alignment system, which dramatically helps with alignment focus, and also reengineered mass properties; these new features are aimed at providing golfers with more consistency, especially on center-face strikes.

TaylorMade Introduces New Spider X Line of Putters

The Spider X putters are built on the shoulders of the previous Spider Mini and Spider Tour, but they’re engineered with additional weight places outside of the frame, 36% respectively compared to the latter’s 30%. The extra weight is supposed to make for a more stable head shape, or something along these lines, according to TaylorMade’s R&D team. Moreover, the head design features a deeper CoG (center of gravity), 37 mm respectively, which is 3x that of a regular blade, and it’s aimed at delivering a purer hit on every stroke.

“When we first introduced the original Spider putter in 2008, we never could have anticipated the global phenomenon it has become. With widespread adoption on tours around the world, not only has it become one of the company’s top-selling putters of all time, it has truly shifted the paradigm of putter design toward high-MOI mallets. I’m proud to have played a role in the evolution of Spider and what it has become today.”

TaylorMade Introduces New Spider X Line of Putters

Dixit TaylorMade’s Senior Director, Product Creation, Putters & Wedges Bill Price about the new Spider X. If you want to learn more, check out this official promo video. It’s worth mentioning that these babies are optimized and better than previous generations from any angle. For example, the head is now five percent smaller and features a carbon-core, which is 5 times lighter compared to the old model, and also looks more pleasing. And speaking of state of the art technology, the Spider X boasts a new insert, a thicker 80/20 surlyn thing respectively, which confers the putter that special feel pro-golfers look for in their putters. But it doesn’t end here.

The redesigned Y shaped sightline was developed by TaylorMade’s Research and Department team working closely with optical engineers at Indiana University;TaylorMade Introduces New Spider X Line of Putters the end result of this “dream team” collaboration is a high contrast alignment aid which is dramatically improved compared to previous generations. On top of that, the Spider X putters come with a unique seamless, modern and dedicated weight design which features 3 new weights: 2 grams-aluminum, 6 grams-steel and 12 grams-tungsten, which allow you to customize your putting preference as you see fit.

In closing, we must mention that the Spider X putters are available in two different colorways, navy and copper respectively, starting with February 15th at selected retailers for $350, in 33”, 34” & 35” lengths with SuperStroke’s Pistol GTR 1.0 grip. And if you were wondering about the price tag, well, it’s pretty steep, but that’s already customary for TaylorMade: $349,99 (MSRP) each.