Sun Mountain does it again

    Sun Mountain Combo cart is a golf push cart and golf bag in one. The convenience, stability, and durability that this cart offers are truly unique. Combo folds for storage and opens easily for use. For years golfers have demanded that their golf cart be able to fit into the smallest of trunks for transportation. When folded, the Combo cart fits into a car trunk flat. For those of you that want to store it at the club, it can also be stored vertically in a clubroom. Back shop employees will love the fact that it occupies about half of the space of a separate cart and bag. When it’s time to hit the course, simply swing the front wheel into place, release the rear wheels, and set the handle height.

    Once you have it deployed on the course, Combo also has a built-in seat that stores flat to the bag when not in use and then folds down for a secure and comfortable seat including a back pad. On a personal note, I have used Sun Mountain carts for many years. First the V-1, and currently the Micro Cart. I have had to contact Sun Mountain on two separate occasions for parts. I assumed that the parts would cost me money, but to my surprise, the customer service representative sent me what I needed at no charge, with no shipping to pay either. They are an excellent company to deal with and stand behind their product 100%. What more could a consumer ask for? It remains to be seen what Sun Mountain or any other bag/cart manufacturer can do to improve on this wonderful invention, but that is the best thing about technology…just sit back and enjoy it.