MC3 Micro-Cart Push Cart Review

    The Enhanced MC3 Push Cart:
     Sun Mountain brings you the latest in their patented Micro-Cart® line, the MC3 Micro-Cart that folds in just two simple steps. The awesome Handle Latch is so simple to use and will allow you to adjust to various handle heights. Your cart also folds down to a small footprint making it easier for compact storage in your trunk or anywhere. Feel secure with the adjustable Bag Brackets that keep your bag in place without the use of straps. With the design having a low center of gravity provides you with superior stability. To make pushing the cart care-free is the Extendable Front Axle that expands the front wheel base by two inches, which also gives the cart a sporty look. The MC3 Micro-Cart comes in the following color schemes of White – Orange, Silver – Red, Gunmetal – Citron, or Red – White, Cobalt – Citron, or Pink, and the Black – Red color scheme.

    The MC3 Micro-Cart has great features to offer the devoted golfer. For easy accessibility is the Padded Accessories Tray with a magnetic lid for closure for better security and easier access. You will also find a Scorecard Holder. Also for these hot days you will find the amazing Swiveling Drink Holder will help keep you cool and refreshed. Included is an Integrated Tee Holder, along with a Pencil Holder located conveniently on the cart. There is also a mesh Head Cover Tray. For stress-free maintenance the cart includes Solid Foam Tires for durability to last. With a lightweight aluminum frame adds very little extra weight with the addition of your golf bag and enhances your day at the course. Be sure to look for all the safety features that the MC3 Micro-Cart offers. Get your MC3 Micro-Cart now at a fantastic price now!