Sacks Parente Golf Reveals Series 66 Putting Instrument

Sacks Parente Golf announced recently the introduction of what they call Series 66 putting instruments. So, what is Series 66? To make it real simple, the new putting instruments from Sacks Parente are cavity back blades, and yes, that sounds familiar to most of our readers. The company is well-known for crafting unconventional putters for a long time now, and the new Series 66 is also innovative and exceptional in many way's, marking a major step forward for Sack Parente in regard to putter design.

It’s true that the new Series 66 cavity back putters still retain the shape of the most beautiful putters crafted by the company in the past century, but since we’re living in the day and age of high technology, the “blast from the past” stops there. Here’s the co-founder of Parente Golf Rich Parente:

Sacks Parente Golf Reveals Series 66 Putting Instrument

“The Series 66 putting instrument is simply the most forgiving and accurate ever made”

That's a bold statement, to say the least, especially since it comes from a company that's not as established as, let's say Ping Golf, yet the new putters in the Series 66 are a statement to the fact that you don't have to be a billion-dollar company to craft beautiful and high-performance golf-gear. For example, the Series 66 head is a form of art in itself, as each putter is a marvel of engineering prowess, boasting a distinctive 5-piece Al-Cu-W TRIMETAL design. Beauty is one thing, but the company's R&D department managed to create an incredibly high weight-forward moment of inertia of 5000, which is almost unheard of for cavity back blades, with 80 percent of the overall head weight being located in the heel and toe. According to Parente Golf, there’s no other putter on the market built this way, with so much weight redistributed in the heel and toe respectively, and this particular weight forward design creates an immensely stable putter which obliterates gear effect on off-center hits, due to its CoG aka center of gravity in perfect alignment with the hosel.
Even if all this tech palaver may sound esoteric for most of our readers, it’s important to know the backstory behind one of the most important putters in golf in 2020. Here’s co-founder of Parente Golf Rich Parente again:

“The basic cavity back blade is such an iconic shape. Everybody makes one, but no one makes one that has a high MOI or is very forgiving. Rich Parente and I have dramatically changed that. Our MOI numbers are extremely high, and you can immediately see and feel that when you putt with it. I guarantee it’s not like anything else you’ve ever putted with.”

Sacks Parente Golf Reveals Series 66 Putting Instrument

The new Series 66 putters come loaded with cutting edge technology, and we must mention the Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) tech which is incorporated in all Sacks Parente putters. The ULBP thing consists of a balance point of less than five inches from the putter sole, which works by naturally squaring/releasing the putter head at ball impact. The Ultra Low Balance Point technology comes with very light grips standing at approximately thirty-three grams, as well as a carbon fiber of graphite shafts, which weigh less than one gram per inch. The end result of the “slim-tech” is up to two times more feel and amazing control compared to a putter that comes with a regular steel shaft.

The new Series 66 putters are already available for purchase and they can be ordered with 3 ultra-lightweight shaft options: Tour Carbon with Toray T1100G Fiber, Graphite Fiber and Tour X Carbon with Toray M40X Fiber, in 3 grip styles: round, flat and pistol, in 5 lengths: 33”, 33.5” 34”, 34.5” and 35”.