New PXG Operator Putter Hits the World
©PXG Golf

With the arrival of the latest Operator Putter, PXG revealed their highest MOI (moment of inertia) putter to date. The Operator is joining the PXG lineup with regard to the high moment of inertia mallet-style putters, along with the Gunboat and the Drone, boasting a maximum head mass of four hundred grams, depending on customization via weight adjustments, a soft billed milled stainless steel made face (304 stainless steel), and a body crafted using aircraft grade aluminum, 6061 respectively. The brand spanking new PXG Operator putter was created to please golfers looking for advanced customization options and maximum forgiveness. The Operator comes with a variety of sole weights, which are available in 2.5 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, 15 grams and 20 grams increments, thus allowing you to fine-tune/adjust the putter's overall head-mass as you see fit. As per its relatively weird name, the PXG Operator is inspired from the military world (just like the Drone and the Gunboat), more precisely from Delta's operational personnel, and it's available in 3 models. First, there's the standard Operator putter, which boasts a double bend hosel design, that creates a face balanced hang angle with a full shaft of offset.

The “vanilla” PXG Operator putter is created for golfers with a straight back straight through stroke. Next in line is the PXG Operator H, which is engineered for golfers with more face rotation in their stroke, and features a mid toe down hang angle, with the hosel neck being heel shafted with a half shaft of offset. Finally, there's the PXG Operator P, which is aimed at pleasing golfers with a moderate amount of face rotation during their stroke, and it's built with the plumber's neck shaft, which delivers a full shaft of offset with a toe down hang angle. All three Operator versions are boasting PXG's patented TPE-made honeycomb design sole insert, together with an additional TPE insert strategically placed behind the face, in order to enhance overall feel and dampen vibration. As per the price, the PXG Operator putter is available at all major retailers for $450 a pop.