New line of Cobra King Wedges have hit the market

    Cobra has some of the best engineers in the club manufacturer game, so it is no surprise when they constantly come out with exciting new features for their clubs. For their new Cobra King Wedge line, they have used an advanced form of modal analysis in order to tinker and finely tune the vibrational frequencies of the clubs. This means that you will experience unparalleled softness when it comes to your short game. The groove son the wedges are specific to each loft, they are wider in the 56 degree to 60 degree lofts in order to generate maximum levels of spin when used in an open face position. In the other lofts, such as the 48 to 54 degrees, there is a more traditional set of spacing’s, leading to more consistent spin rates throughout the range.

    The face of these wedges also have a special coating that is textured to increase spin levels even further when using a partial swing. There are three sole grind options that are available to choose from. The Widelow has a wide sole with a low bounce; the versatile has a balance of both while the classic has a more narrow sole and higher bounce. This means that you can perfectly tailor your set of wedges to the conditions that you will be facing on your regular round, as well as suiting your own game.