Cobra King FORGED CB/MB Irons Review 

    Cobra King FORGED CB/MB Irons Review 

    The Cobra King Forged Irons, both the CB and the MB were specially designed with the better players in mind, ranging from Tour level and up to three handicap. Basically, what we're dealing with here are top of the line irons made for elite players, more like precision tools than golf gear.

    Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but indeed, these babies are specifically designed in order to follow the requests from the best golf players in the world.

    For example, Cobra used a state of the art tungsten toe weight  in order to position the COG (center of gravity) right behind the ball, in the middle of the iron's face, thus providing the player with a highly accurate shot making.

    In the same time, you'll benefit from total control over the trajectory and spin due to the CNC milled grooves and faces. Regardless of your skill level, it's nice to own a set of forgiving irons. I mean, even Tiger Woods misses sometimes, hence the Cobra King Forged Irons are built for delivering you more forgiveness, thanks to the tungsten weight plugs which are located in the toe section of the irons.

    The non glare design courtesy of the Diamondized Black Finish of these irons looks pretty good and also comes with the advantage of being more resistant to wear and tear when compared to PVD finishes. The Cobra King Forged Irons are retailing for $1099 and they're built from 1025 carbon steel and a proprietary five steps forging process. Performance wise, these babies play like they look, and they look absolutely incredible.