Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge Review

    The Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge retails for $99 (MSRP) and it's aimed mainly at better players. First and foremost, I must notice the new sole grind, which is a Tri Bounce L Grind variety featuring a new glossy finish on the toe/heel of the sole. When the face is opened/closed, the Cobra Tour Trusty wedge can now sit lower to the ground by grinding material away in the aforementioned areas. The changes are subtle at first sight, but the newly designed grind represents a real improvement, being very effective, i.e. you'll definitely notice the more consistent bounce and also the increased heel/toe relief during your game.

    The new Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge features a larger club-face while the leading edge sits straight and low at address, and it performs better than ever, especially on rough lies around the green. Also, you'll be delighted to discover the increased levels of spin which translates into better strikes, round after round. The Cobra Tour Trusty wedge is offered in a black finish or in chrome, while the groove and face designs are now bigger (15% larger) when compared to the previous generation, and that means more spin and good overall performance on a variety of shots. Bottom line, the Cobra Tour Trusty Wedge is aimed at better players looking for a large face, traditional looks and plenty of spin.