New Bridgestone Golf Products and Equipment
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    By now, you should have a clear understanding that Bridgestone is one of the leaders in the golf ball market. They have a variety of ball options, including premium models and those aimed at less-accomplished players. If you decide to use Bridgestone golf balls in your own game, you will be making a good choice that is likely to serve you well on the links for many rounds to come.

    But what about the rest of their equipment? Should you consider using Bridgestone clubs, or any other types of gear, in addition to their golf balls? Without a doubt, Bridgestone offers quality equipment to complement their golf ball line. The following points highlight some of the key equipment offerings you will find.

  • Tour B XD Driver Line. There are three models of this high-end driver on the market today, the XD-3, XD-5, and XD-7. While these are high priced clubs, they do offer premium performance and great looks. If you are in the market for a premium driver from a top brand name, it is worth your time to at least try these out for yourself. The Tour B line also includes fairway woods and hybrid clubs, so you can fill out the entire long section of your bag with these models if you so choose.
  • Tour B Irons. The Tour B model line continues down into the irons, and there are both cavity back and blade versions available. Again here, you will find premium pricing to reflect the quality construction and performance of these clubs. The blade irons should be left to accomplished players, as they feature a thin profile and limited forgiveness. Even the cavity backs, while easier to hit than the blades, are not really designed for new golfers. If you are a begging player, consider the JGR CB forged irons, which should be easier to hit (and come in at a lower price point, as well).
  • Accessories. In addition to the balls and clubs which have been highlighted so far, Bridgestone also manufactures plenty of golf accessories. They have a collection of hats, a couple of golf bags, gloves, towels, head covers, and more. If you become loyal to the Bridgestone brand and want to show off your pride, these accessories will make it easy for you to do just that.
  • In the U.S. market, Bridgestone has been making steady gains in terms of name recognition and trust among golfers. Their progress has been well-earned, as they produce quality products which can help golfers perform better and have more fun on the links. You need a variety of pieces of equipment to play this game, and Bridgestone has you covered in just about every category. From the top of the game at the PGA Tour level, on down to beginning golfers at your local course, you are likely to see plenty of Bridgestone logos on the course for years to come.

    When you are ready to try out some Bridgestone golf balls for yourself, we would suggest trying two or three models out on the course to compare one against another. While the modern fitting processes we have available today certainly can be helpful, they are not perfect. Your own personal feel and tastes are going to play into this decision as well. Once you settle on the Bridgestone model that is best for your game, stock your bag with that ball and return your focus to working on improving your own performance to take your scores lower than they have ever been before. Good luck!