Importance of Having the Correct Shaft Flex

In this article, we are going to touch on a few points that highlight the importance of having the right shaft flex in each of your clubs.

  • A variety of options available. When you use the right shaft flex, you should be able to produce a number of different shots by altering your technique slightly. For instance, you should be able to hit a punch shot by choking down and moving the ball back in your stance. Then, by moving the ball forward and opening the face slightly, you should be able to produce a high shot. This kind of ball flight flexibility is not going to be possible if you use shafts that are not a good fit for your game. One of the best things you can do to improve as a golfer is to learn as many different shots as possible. Some of those shots may be unattainable if you don’t have the right shafts, so get this point sorted out as soon as you can.
  • Make comfortable swings. Golf is a game that frequently makes you uncomfortable. Whether you need to hit over a big water hazard or you have to keep the ball away from a deep bunker, there is plenty to make you nervous on the course. You don’t need to add club shaft problems to that list. By having shafts that are a perfect match for your golf swing, you will be able to cross one item off of your ‘worry list’. You’ll know, each time you stand over the ball, that your club is up to the task. That kind of confidence is valuable, and it should help you play better golf.
  • Maximize distance. Using a shaft which is not the right flex is almost certain to cost you distance. This works in both directions – you will lose yards with a shaft that is too stiff, and also with one that is too soft. Only when you hit the sweet spot will you be able to extract every last yard out of your swing. Many amateur golfers make the mistake of thinking that using a stiff shaft will help them hit the ball farther, since that tends to be what is used by the pros. The problem is this – pros usually have higher swing speeds that amateurs, meaning they need those stiffer shafts. If you don’t have a swing speed which is on par with the professional game, you shouldn’t be using that kind of shaft.

Golf equipment is important when you are serious about playing up to your potential. Can you buy a better game? Well, that depends. Can you buy your way to a better swing? No – not really. However, you can buy improved performance by optimizing your equipment. You shouldn’t rely on new gear alone to lower your handicap, but it can play a valuable role, along with the actual improvements you are making to your technique and course management skills. We hope this discussion on the importance of shaft flex will encourage you to look at your own set with a careful eye. Golf is never a game that will be classified as easy, but it might be a little easier when you use the right shafts. Good luck!