Indi Golf Launches Two New Putter Designs

If you're into Indie music and films, the good news is that Indi Golf just announced a new line of putters, and what we're dealing with here are basically 2 new putter designs that feature the company's patented Colossal Sweet Spot technology. We're only kidding about the Indie thing, obviously, but seriously speaking, the Colossal Sweet Spot thing really sounds awesome, don't you think? The new putters are dubbed Ramone and Allison, arrive in 2 distinct finishes, and yes, before you ask, both are girls' names. The flat stick is available in chrome and black finishes, while the aforementioned and cool-sounding Colossal Sweet Spot Technology obliterates miss-hits, regardless of where the ball is hit on the face.

Yes indeed, that sounds yummy, especially for “weekend warriors”, and here’s the General Manager at Indi Golf Rob Lang commenting on his company’s latest products:

“After designing wedges for the past few years, the putter category was the most logical next step for us in our mission to help golfers make their short game their best game. We’ve been developing the technology for these putters for over a year now and we’re confident they will help golfers make more putts. We’re excited to finally introduce them.”

Indi Golf Launches Two New Putter Designs

Here's the wrap up for our readers: the Allison putter makes for a face-balanced mid-sized mallet with a double-bend shaft. To make it real simple, the Allison is basically a perfectly balanced tool aimed at golfers that use straight back, straight through putting stroke.

The Ramone putter is a toe-hang blade with a 30-degree toe-hang, specifically designed for golfers that prefer an arced putting stroke. The new putters from Indie Golf are built using precision CNC milling technology, and they're crafted from high-quality Aircraft Grade Aluminum, that on top of the aforementioned and universally praised Colossal Sweet Spot Technology. The flat stick in both putters features toe and heel tungsten weighting, which promotes maximum feel and better stroke stability for ultimate consistency.

If that sounds interesting, you can order both the Allison and the Ramone in 33″, 34″ or 35″ lengths with satin chrome or matte black finishes; moreover, Indie Golf allows you to choose between an upper Stroke Traxion Tour 2.0 grip, Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol, Traxion Claw 2.0 or Traxion Pistol GT Tour grip. And before you ask, the MSRP prices for both putters is $449.9 (each). However, the good news is that the price is $329,99 during the pre-sale, so go get yours while it lasts.