Blend performance with affordability when it comes to the new Titleist NXT Tour golf balls

    When it comes to golf balls, there is a dilemma that plays inside the head of every amateur golfer who does not compete at a high level; do you go for performance or affordability when it comes to choosing a golf ball? For some people it may be an easy decision as they lose so many golf balls on any given day that it just doesn’t make financial sense to always be buying the Pro V1 range from Titleist. These are the best of the best when it comes to a high performance golf ball and you will pay handsomely for these benefits.

    It is no accident that they have been the leading golf ball on the professional tours for countless years. There has been room in the market for an updated version of the Titleist NXT Tour ball (previous versions were released in 2012 and 2014 respectively). While it may be slightly below the Pro V1 range when it comes to high performance, it is still a top quality golf ball that is available for a much more reasonable price. The basic design has been kept the same as previous versions, with the dual core. The inner core is now substantially softer than the previous version, as well as being larger. This means that when combined with the firm inner core, you will be able to hit the ball at a longer distance and with less spin. However, the same cover has been used in order to feel the same when struck, as well as having similar levels of control when it comes to creating some spin on your shot around the greens.

    The second version to be released is the NXT Tour S model, which is a lot softer now than its predecessor was. The core is softer and also has a lower compression, which means that you will add distance to all of your long range clubs, with less spin and a lower flight of the ball. There is no confusion between which of the two models you should buy to suit your specific needs. You can tailor your choice to what your desires are when it comes to trajectory and feel. The NXT Tour golf ball will have a higher trajectory, yet go further when struck with a driver. The NXT Tour golf ball is only available in white, while the NXT Tour S version can be bought in both yellow and white. They are a very reasonable range and can be found for around $35 for a dozen golf balls.

    Finally, Titleist has added a new Velocity golf ball to their range, one of the best distance focused balls in their range. It has the largest and quickest core which will maximise the speed of the ball when struck. In comparison with previous versions the new Velocity golf ball has a slightly softer core and thinner cover that will provide some additional feel to the ball when struck, as well as adding to the audio effects. They also favour a higher trajectory shot and will drop from the sky with surprising stopping power. They are an extremely affordable option for the everyday golfer; with a dozen Velocity golf balls running you a mere $27.