Bill Gates undoubtedly has one of these

    The Microsoft Band 2 is an upgrade of last year’s version. While the design is of course better, it only makes sense that more sensors have been included (Tim the Tool Man Taylor would no doubt be impressed…more power). In addition, the software has been improved upon. The Microsoft Band is a bit fitness band and a bit smartwatch, but with more sensors than anything else on the market today. The Microsoft Band 2 is a round the clock activity tracker that gives you a comprehensive health dashboard, with a whole lot of sensors squeezed into it. Top that off with the fact that it looks good and isn’t too uncomfortable on your wrist, and maybe you won’t be labelled as a “golf geek”. This second generation device is partnered with TaylorMade, which can’t hurt their brand recognition…lol. Just sync your local course to the Health app and you can get yardages. The built-in GPS detects which hole you’re playing and provides you with distance to the front, centre and back of the green, allowing you to perfect your approach.

    Believe it or not, this device can even differentiate between a practice swing and a proper shot. It can keep your score, and you can override the scoring if you need to as well. With the Microsoft Health app, you can review your entire scorecard when you’ve finished your game. You can see how your heart rate and calorie burn varied during your game by going to your web dashboard and analysing how they affected your performance. Microsoft Band 2 also works with TaylorMade’s myRoundpro platform to give you a detailed map of your shots and an analysis on your performance. The built-in GPS can detect which hole you’re playing and then provide all the information required for you to dial in your approach.

    Golf and Microsoft might seem like an odd couple, but I guess it was eventually going to happen. Now they have improved on their initial foray and I like it. Keep up the good work Mr. Gates. BTW, sorry about Augusta National turning you down.