Best new golf shoes

    When it comes to the beginning of a new golf season, it is the perfect time to upgrade any equipment that has been lacking over the previous few months. Whether you left your mouldy old pair of golf shoes to deteriorate over the winter months, or you simply need a new comfortable pair for walking around the course, it is always a wised decision to invest in a good pair of golf shoes. There is nothing worse than having to traipse through wet grass in golf shoes that leak water, making your feet uncomfortable for the entire duration of your round. You need to have a pair of shoes that are a nice balance of both sturdiness and waterproof.

    In this day and age, there is a huge variety of options when it comes to buying a new pair of golf shoes; you truly are spoilt for choice. You can choose from a wide array of styles, whether you prefer the more original golf shoes or you want a stylish and trendy pair. Most pairs of golf shoes these days will have some sort of waterproof guarantee, but it is always worthwhile double checking, so you don’t get a nasty surprise when you wear the shoes in the wet weather for the first time. While in recent years the trends when buying golf shoes shifted to more lightweight models, now there is a market for those shoes that balance comfort with practicality. This leads to greater performance and comfort throughout your rounds. Here are some of those golf shoes that have been grabbing attention in recent weeks for the coming golf season.

    FootJoy have been the leading manufacturer of golf shoes for many years now, you can never go wrong with buying a pair from one of their established ranges. The new FootJoy Hyper flex golf shoe has departed somewhat from the traditional look of a FootJoy golf shoe, making use of a unique exoskeleton delivery, and meaning that they are a lot more lightweight thanks to the absence of the heavy leather that previous versions had. The foam on the inside of the shoe is extra thick to provide maximal comfort throughout your round and the specially designed soft spikes provide a great grip no matter what the conditions are like.

    The new FootJoy DNA range have been designed with the goal of blending together the look and comfort of sporty summer shoes with the traditional stability that is found in your classic leather models. The reason they have been successful with this goal is that the special ChromoSkin leather is extremely lightweight thanks to the thinner sec receptacles, as well as having spikes that are less conspicuous than previous versions. The thick outsole provides you with all of the stability that you will ever need, making up for the small spike sizes.

    The FootJoy DryJoys Tour range of golf shoes have been the leading golf shoe son the professional tours for many years. You are guaranteed of quality and they come with a full year’s waterproof guarantee, so you won’t have any problems when it comes to that department. The leather linings allow for greater comfort and prevent slipping from occurring. The Softspike’s Cyclone spikes provide all of the traction and stability that you will ever need, while also have the structural support of the fibreglass bridge.

    The ECCO Biome Hybrid 2 GTX golf shoes are spikeless shoes that despite what you may think, are great for use all year round, no matter the type of conditions you will be facing. This is thanks to the leather uppers that have been created from soft Yak, allowing unparalleled support for a spikeless shoe. As well as the amazing waterproof quality, the Freedom Fit design allows for a very comfortable heel, while still having a roomy forefoot. The traction bars on the underside of the shoe will surprise you with the level of grip that they provide you during your swing.

    The Adidas Asym Energy Boost golf shoes are a totally new concept in the world of golf shoes. When you are swinging a golf club, your feet move around independently, this is why Adidas designed this pair of asymmetric shoes. This one of a kind design provides a completely different type of outsole, meaning that the cleats found on the inside of the sole are a lot smaller than you would usually find in your normal golf shoe, while the spikes at the outside of the forefoot are a lot bigger, allowing for the weight shift that you go through during your golf swing. Towards the bottom of the foot, the spikes are once again bigger in order to support the foot and the body as a whole during the downswing.

    The ECCO Cage line of golf shoes are the company’s showpiece range for the 2016 season. They are a combination of stylish Caldera leather uppers and a fully wrapped and integrated DiP system. The single piece design wraps all the way from the heel, right through the midsole and up to the toe box I order to maximise the stability, cushioning and flexibility throughout the wing.

    The Skechers GO Golf pro line of shoes is not found too often on the professional Tour, but they are a favourite of American golfer Matt Kuchar. /The quality waterproof leather on the upper of the shoe is coupled with a soft fabric lining. The midsoles are uniquely shock absorbing, which gives you an extra spring into your step along with the insole that is specially cushioned to provide maximal comfort. The shoe is designed with perforations along it in order to make the shoe nice and breathable and the replaceable soft spikes allow for a great level of grip.

    The Nike Lunar Control golf shoes are the company’s flagship pair of shoes for the upcoming season. Their main goal was to focus on having as much stability in the shoe as possible. This is highlighted mostly by the external heel that is very robust and helps to keep the heel locked right into place. The upper has been redesigned in order to be more lightweight while still maintaining its waterproof properties. The upper will not stretch over time, which is why they have placed a large Nike swoosh logo on the top of the upper. The tongue has been split in order to allow the shoe to wrap around the ankle in a more ergonomic all fashion, leading to greater comfort.

    The Puma Titan Tour Ignite shoe range is the headline range for the company in this upcoming golf season. A new ignite foam technology has been implemented in the shoe between the outsole and the insole. This gives you a lot more energy when you are walking around for long periods of time, making you feel fresher on your feet throughout the round. The outside of the shoe has been specifically designed to allow for multi directional movement that allows for a more dynamic grip throughout the golf swing.

    The Adidas Tour360 Boost shoe line continues on where the previous range left off, combing a great midfoot support system with a special lightweight cushioning system that maximise comfort levels. There is a specially designed tunnel that allows the shoe great flexibility throughout the swing, as well as using ultra-thin spikes for maximum grip.
    While Callaway have never been known for their golf shoes, the new Xfer Nitro range ticks a lot of boxes that you look for in a golf shoe. They have a two years waterproof guarantee, as well as having great 3D cushioning inside the shoe. The sole is lightweight and has a great soft spike system that ensures a great grip.

    Whatever you decide, there are a couple of key factors to keep in mind when purchasing a new pair of golf shoes for the upcoming season. You need to find the right balance between flexibility and stability. This all depends on what type of swing you have and how you like the shoe to feel underfoot. If you have a more powerful swing, you will need to lean towards a shoe that provides greater stability. For slower swingers, a more flexible shoe provides greater dynamism into your swing. When it comes to style options, you really are spoilt for choice; golf shoes no longer all look the same. You can choose from a huge amount of colors and distinctive style options. While you may or not need to take price into account when buying your golf shoes, you should always ensure that you look at special features of a golf shoe, such as the waterproof warranty.