A unique golf glove that will help to soothe some of your muscle aches

    Have you ever struggled to enjoy a round of golf due to your hands or arms cramping up or paining you? If so, the new Copper Tech glove might be for you. This glove was first shown at the 2recent PGA Show, and it is now available for the public to buy, with both men’s and women’s versions available. It is through the fit and design of the glove that the glove is able to soothe and ease your joint pain and muscle pains in the hands of the wearer.

    The fabric has special compression features that help keep your hands warm and improve the circulation in them. They also have moisture wicking properties which keep the sweaty hands and funky smell away from your rounds of golf. Especially for older folks, this glove can help to ease some of the arthritis pain that you experience and hampers your ability to play the game that you love.