Adams Golf Introduces New XTD Club Lineup

Adams Golf is out with new clubs, and new claims.

The company is touting its XTD driver as having “the hottest face in golf,” based on comparisons with 10 leading competitors. Rather than test only a portion of the clubheads rolling off the assembly line – standard operating procedure in the industry – Adams tests each head four times. The company says this ensures that each driver hits the USGA maximum for spring-like effect.

Also new from Adams are XTD Ti fairway woods and hybrids, plus XTD Forged Irons. The woods and hybrids feature titanium heads with Cut-Thru Slot technology and 29% more face speed on off-center contact than Adams’ Super LS woods and hybrids. XTD Forged irons are made from multiple pieces, rather than a single block of metal, with a hollow center and Cut-Thru Slot for improved distance and forgiveness on miss-hits.

Available in December 2013, the Adams XTD driver retails for $399.99; fairway woods and hybrids are $299.99 per club. The eight-piece XTD Forged irons set is listed at $1,100 for steel-shafted clubs, $1,200 for graphite.