A new GPS watch from the leaders of the game

    Bushnell’s have released a brand new GPS watch into the game, called the iON. This is a next generation device that is extremely lightweight, you won’t even feel it when you are wearing it on your wrist. It has a battery than can last for longer than three rounds at a time before charging it again, so no need to worry if you forgot to charge it before a round; you will have enough life to get you through.

    There is also an advanced pedometer included in the watch which will allow you to accurately track the amount of steps you have taken both on and off the course. If you wish to use the odometer feature of the watch, you can record a wide array of variables such as average speed, duration and distance, whether you use it for golfing or other activities. It has an extremely easy to read display that will give you a plethora of distances to your destination, whether you want a calculation to the front, middle or back of the green.

    You can also get measurements straight away for up to four different hazards per hole of the golf course. You can also utilise the special dual shot function which allows you to calculate the exact distance that each shot has travelled something which is great when you are looking to clean up and improve your game. The silicone band has been improved from previous versions of the watch and is available in a variety of different colors, such as orange, charcoal, and black or green. This means that it won’t look out of place on or off the golf course. There is also a huge database of golf courses already loaded into the watch, more than 35,000 courses ta the last count. It is only newly released so it has been eagerly anticipate for quite some time now.