A players iron that forgives as good as it forgets

    I know it sounds incredible, but here we have it. Excuse me if it seems I am withholding the manufacturer and model of this club. I know that many of you are dying to find out which club can possibly do this. Maybe I could tell you a joke or something? Okay, I just had to have some fun. The club is the Mizuno MP-25. Mizuno has always been famous for the quality of their grain flow forgings. With the MP-25 they are offering a club that has increased distance with a classic head design. As the JPX850 of last year had, the MP-25 also uses the same “boron infused carbon steel” which allows for a thinner club face. This is probably where the added distance comes from.

    The MP-25 is a typical Mizuno set in that it is what I call a “progressive game enhancement set of irons.” What I mean by this is that the longer, more difficult clubs to hit are designed in a way that aids you in making solid contact, while the shorter clubs are more “blade like” and performance oriented. Most manufacturers’ game enhancement sets are cast steel, not forged. The forged irons (especially Mizuno’s forged) are softer and give the player tremendous feel. I have played Mizuno for many years and the best way I can describe the feeling when you hit it clean is like that of a hot knife going through butter.

    The Mizuno cavity back is referred to as their “Micro-Slot” pocket cavity and is only present in the 3 to 6 irons. The extra ball speed (about 3 mph on average) in these irons that is generated from this cavity is about 4 yards per club. In the 7 through PW this extra distance is not needed. The shorter clubs without the Micro-Slot have a lower sweet spot allowing the player to be more aggressive, especially with full shots.

    A lot of clubs claim extra distance, through engineering enhancements when in reality they may have de-lofted their clubs. Mizuno does not do this. Mizuno quality comes from superior engineering and workmanship as well as the boron addition that makes not only the MP-25, but all models of Mizuno irons a force to be reckoned with.

    It’s old-school looks with the benefits of Mizuno engineering