3 Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Option

    If you are inclined to use as much technology as possible to improve your game, you are likely drawn to the idea of using an app to analyze your swing. However, even if you aren’t interested in that kind of technology, you can point your browser to the Bridgestone golf website for help. They offer an impressive fitting program which requires only a few pieces of information about your game in order to help you pick a ball.

    While you are certainly welcome to head over to Bridgestone Golf to try it out for yourself, we have outlined some of the important pieces of information they may collect below.

  • Age. Believe it or not, there is a lot to be learned about your golf game just by knowing your age. Golfers change as they age, so Bridgestone often uses this number to get started in the online fitting process.
  • Your current golf ball. Another valuable data point is the golf ball that you are currently using. With this information, the Bridgestone program is able to understand the characteristics that your current ball offers, and what kinds of characteristics you might find valuable in a ball.
  • Average score. There are few pieces of information which are quite as telling as a golfer’s average score. The numbers you shoot on a regular basis don’t lie – they are an accurate reflection of your abilities on the course.
  • Performance preference. This is a subjective question, as you’ll need to pick whether you value distance, feel, or accuracy as your top priority. Of course, you would like to have all three in the same ball, but that isn’t always possible. You will probably want to identify the weakest part of your game as the priority for your golf ball. In other words, a short hitter may want a ball that offers distance, while a powerful player may lean toward gaining accuracy through a ball choice.
  • Is this a perfect way to figure out which Bridgestone golf ball is going to serve you best? Of course not. The app will likely do a better job than this survey, and a formal ball fitting with a teaching professional in your area would be even better. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started, going through this short process on the Bridgestone Golf website will fit the bill. Even if you don’t love the ball you are recommended at the end of this process, it should at least be close to the model that will work best for your game.