4 Up with 18 to play

    New to the Titleist line of golf bags in 2016 is the 4UP StaDry carry stand bag. Back in 1999 I bought my first Titleist carry stand bag. It was, bar none, the best bag I ever owned. The dual strapped harness was in its’ infancy then. I was in the pro shop one day and one of the pros had his set there complete with this Titleist bag. I picked it up, slung it over my shoulders and proposed on the spot. Now every time I go to buy a new bag, I check out the Titleist aisle first. The 4UP StaDry is the one I came across this year.

    This bag has 4 features that stand out:

  • It is lightweight at 3.5 pounds
  • It is sturdy and seems durable
  • It is 100% waterproof (not water resistant)
  • Made of unique nylon that wicks moisture away
  • Dividers

    In my opinion stand bags have been trying to do too much for some time. One of the areas I am talking about is the club dividers. I have a Mizuno stand bag that, while functional, has 5 dividers. It’s a stand bag for crying out loud…it doesn’t need that many dividers. The 4UP has just 3 compartments and that suits me fine. Woods and hybrids in one, irons in another and wedges and putter in the third.

    Strap System

    For years Titleist has routed the shoulder straps through their unique square that is centered between your shoulder blades. To me, that is what makes this bag so comfortable to carry. Although these straps are not as wide or padded as some previous Titleist bags, they are still very comfortable. Because of this unique design, (four straps instead of two) it does take some getting used to in order to keep from getting them tangled. Still, they are easily adjustable. Keep in mind that it is important to get the cushioned pad on the side of the bag in the right spot on your bag for maximum comfort. The bag comes with an optional single strap that can be adjusted to left or right orientation.


    It has the standard fare of three large pockets plus a lined valuables pocket which has a convenient clip inside for securing keys and jewellery. All of the zippers on these pockets are seam sealed to keep the moisture out. The zipper rings are also quite functional and fashionable.


    I have seen this material used before, but never to this degree of effectiveness. Titleist must have found a new variation of nylon or something. This nylon actually wicks the moisture away meaning that it stays dry and doesn’t get heavier as the rain falls harder. It’s like a Gore-Tex for golf bags.


  • Black/Red (my favorite)
  • Charcoal/Lime
  • Grey/Orange (go Orioles)
  • Navy/Blue
  • If I decide to carry again this year, (which has not been decided yet) the Titleist 4UP StayDry is the bag I will be using. It might even look good with a shiny new Titleist 915D2 driver in it…and a set of Vokey wedges?