PXG 0341 Fairway Woods Review
©PXG Golf

The PXG 0341 fairway woods boast the company’s latest innovations, such as the very complex Precision Weighting System, in order to provide you with maximum accuracy and distance in your long game. The Precision Weighting System consists of 11 interchangeable weights, that are strategically placed on the sole, thus allowing you to fine tune your PXG 0341 fairway wood to perfection, i.e. to optimize ball trajectory to suit your personal preference. Truth be told, the 11 interchangeable weights allow for unparalleled adjustability, yet this is only noticeable (for casual players at least) if you place the respective weights in extreme positions.

However, the PXG 0341 fairway woods are solid performers overall, and just like other clubs in the company’s paraphernalia, they look like a Ping product, featuring a round and symmetrical shape, a matte black crown and an average size for a modern day fairway wood. Truth be told, these babies make for an excellent choice off the turf rather than the tee due, to their relatively shallow face. In terms of sound and feel, the PXG 0341 fairway woods are middle of the road, somewhat on the quiet side, yet delivering sufficient audio feedback to inform you on the quality of the strike. The weighting system consists of 11 ports in the sole of the clubs, and it makes for the PXG 0341 fairway woods’s most special feature. Considering the 2 types of weights and 11 ports, if you’re good at math, it makes for 2048 adjustability options, yet realistically speaking, there are maybe five or six combos that would make for a noticeable impact on casual golfers. Customization and fine tuning aside, the PXG 0341 fairway woods are solid performers, delivering low spin and good ball speed, and they’re fairly easy to launch. Bottom line, these babies are pretty similar to the 0811 driver and if you can live with the price, they are very easy to recommend.