PXG 0341X Fairway Woods Review
©PXG Golf

The PXG 0341X Fairway Woods are built and designed to deliver accuracy, distance and forgiveness in a lightweight club-head. Compared to its PXG 0341 sibling, the X version is lower-spinning and it uses a very light crown made of carbon fiber to lower the COG (center of gravity). Inside the club, PXG put a special insert made of a fancy sounding material (thermoplastic elastomer) in order to save weight and control the sound at impact. Also, the PXG 0341X’s sole features a no less than 9 adjustable weights, which is kind of an overkill. The black weights are made of titanium, while the silver ones are made of tungsten.

They work by moving them around in order to draw or fade ball flight, as per one’s personal preference. The hosel is also adjustable, permitting you to change loft by +-1,5 degrees. The carbon fiber made crown boasts a cool matte black finish and it weighs a mere 3,8 ounces; inside the head of the PXG 0341X you’ll find a honeycomb layer of TPE (the aforementioned fancy sounding material) that enhances sound, absorbs vibrations and softens feel. The PXG 0341X has a strong and durable steel-made (also incredibly thin) face, to maximize distance both off the turf and off the tee. The thinness of the face allows it to flex upon ball impact, in order to generate more speed, and thus to maximize distance. Compared to the standard PXG 0341, the X fairway wood is said to produce 2 mph more speed, which translates into longer shots, up to 10 yards longer (carry distance) and 8 to 11 more total yards, together with 300-400 rpm less spin and a higher launch. According to the company, the PXG 0341X fairway woods go like hell, sound like heaven and play in a class of their own, so if this sounds interesting to you and you can afford the price, go for it and you’ll never regret it.