Ping G Stretch Fairway Wood Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping G Stretch Fairway Wood boasts a very special design and, as its name suggests, it’s aimed at helping you stretch the distance off the tee/from shots into the green via its big head, the forward-placed center of gravity, the 13 degrees loft and lower spin. For making the impact to occur mainly on the face, Ping designed the lead edge to sit lower to the ground. Add into the mix the thinnest crown ever (in a fairway wood) and you’ll end up understanding why do you really need the G Stretch inside your golf bag. Basically, this fairway wood is an awesome addition in any golf player paraphernalia, especially if you’re seeking for lower spin/lower launch in order to maximize your distance from the turf. Ping increased the head size in their new G Stretch whilst lowering the loft, ending up with a club which is pretty long and highly accurate off the tee, but without compromising playability from the turf.

    Long story short, the Ping G Stretch Fairway Wood is a mini-driver, but without a mini-driver’s flaws, and that’s awesome in my book. You’ll definitely love the matte black crown in the G Stretch, while the Turbulators technology will keep you up to date with the latest trends in golf equipment, so there are no worries in this department. The tall face of the Ping G Stretch Fairway Wood is a great confidence booster, while this baby sounds more like a driver than a fairway wood, while offering great feedback both in terms of feel and sound. When it comes to performance, the Ping G Stretch Fairway Wood did very good in my test, with excellent ball speed and low spin, which resulted in greater distance than expected. The Ping G Stretch Fairway Wood is much smaller than your regular driver, hence my mini-driver comparison, but the head is large and forgiving enough for making the average/good player happy, providing consistent shots round after round. Paired with the proper shaft, this baby is a true fairway finder by any metrics.