While it would be great to develop the ability to switch your ball flight back and forth between a draw and fade as needed on the course, you can actually use a power fade as your only tee shot and still play good golf. The key is consistency – if you can produce the same kind of power fade swing after swing, you should be able to pick a target line that allows this shot to work even on holes that turn to the left. Take the time to master the power fade from the tee and you will have a trustworthy shot that can lead you to lower scores.

Fade Lesson Chart

In many ways, the swing that you need to make to create a fade is just a standard, fundamentally sound, golf swing. You want to make a full shoulder turn, maintain your balance, and keep your eyes down on the ball as the club swings toward impact. The same fundamentals that are important for any kind of shot still apply when trying to hit a power fade. In fact, there is only one substantial difference between a power fade and a shot that flies mostly straight – the club face needs to be open in relation to the swing path.

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