The FG Tour F5 Driver is aimed at better players and it's loaded with Wilson Staff's best technologies, in order to deliver a full package of flexibility, workability and total forgiveness. The latest FG Tour F5 Driver is really a game changer for Wilson Staff, as it's an exploration in the realm of low-forward CG(center of gravity) drivers, something they haven't done (as in a viable driver aimed at better players) for quite some time, not to mention that you can fine tune/adjust the hosel without having to remove the clubhead. The R&D team at Wilson Staff worked hard with their best PGA Tour golfers in order to create a new F5 driver, with an improved look and feel. And boy, they did an excellent job.

    The FG Tour F5 Driver comes with adjustable weight for fine tuning your game, while the internal weighting was moved lower and forward, in order to maintain the launch-angle and for reducing spin. There's also a movable weight in the club-head, at the bottom, actually 3 weights (interchangeable, of 3/7/11 grams) which allow you to fine-tune even more the spin rate and the driver's characteristics, for achieving the desired carry distance and an optimal trajectory during your swings. The moving weights will also help with altering the club head speed, as you will be able to swing faster or slower, depending upon one's preference, using various weight combos. There's also a state of the art feature for maximizing the amount of time in which the golf ball keeps contact with the club's face upon impact, and I'm talking here about the proprietary Reactive Face Technology. In layman's terms, this gizmo works similarly to a trampoline, using a specially designed crown (chemically etched) in order to save weight, thus helping with spin and launch. Design wise, the FG Tour F5 Driver features a classic, conservative look and feel, while the sound it makes upon ball impact is absolutely delicious, like music to my ears. And that's no surprise, as reputable manufacturers spend a lot of money in Research of Development for making a driver sound awesome at impact, as poor sounding drivers make for poor sales. Bottom line, I think that Wilson Staff really did a great job with the FG Tour F5 Driver, which looks great, really delivers and it will surely please low handicappers as well.