Srixon Z 765 Golf DRIVER Review
    © Srixon Golf

    The Srixon Z 765 driver retails for $449,99 (MSRP) and it makes for one of the most technologically advanced pieces of golf gear on the market today and one of Srixon’s best-ever. The main feature behind the Srixon Z 765 is the Ripple Effect innovation, which is supposedly improving the driver’s performance dramatically. If you’re a high swing-speed golfer, the Srixon Z 765 has your name on it, as it was created for sheer performance, delivering unparalleled amounts of accuracy and a more powerful launch than ever before. After taking this baby for a spin on the golf course, I’d describe it as a better-player oriented driver, especially if you’re looking for a piece of gear to deliver you a strong ball flight.

    The driver has a compact look at address, looking and feeling like a top shelf product (which it is), being one of those clubs featuring an under 460 cc club-head and boasting a piercing ball trajectory. The Srixon Z 765 shares the same design features as its 565 sibling, but it’s amazing what a big difference a 20 cc makes with regard of size in a club’s head. This baby is extremely attractive to better players due to its compact size and it looks nice and clean with its round, symmetrical shape and the black crown. The driver feels solid upon ball impact, very confidence inspiring and it will let you know when you hit a good shot. If you’re a low handicapper who likes to stay as close as possible to the sweet spot, the Srixon Z 765 will amaze you with its forgiveness levels, together with its strong/piercing ball flight, being the perfect tool for stronger players and due to its (rare) compact size, it makes for a true gem in the driver market nowadays.