Srixon Z745 Driver Review

    The Srixon Z745 falls into the better player drivers category and it retails for $399 (MSRP). To start from the beginning, what impressed me the most about the Srixon Z745 at first sight was its looks, the minimalistic design, clean and simple at address. From my point of view, simplicity has its own panache, and while it works great in terms of keeping your mind on the game, i.e. not being distracted, in the same time it's a great confidence booster. Looks aside, the Srixon Z745 is a high-end driver, offering you, the player, first class distance and ball speeds and full adjustability for optimal launch conditions. After playing a few rounds, I discovered that the Srixon Z745 works great when it comes to long shots, by dramatically lowering spin (if hit correctly), without sacrificing forgiveness in the process.

    If you're sick and tired of busy crowns with all sorts of “complications”, or the bright colored drivers, the old-school appeal of the Srixon Z745 will fit you like a glove. However, despite its simple and clean looks, the Srixon Z745 comes fully packed with the latest technologies in the golfing industry, offering lots of adjustability options and plenty lie and loft settings for helping you achieve the desired ball flight. Long story short, the Srixon Z745 is a relatively small driver aimed at better players seeking low spin and great workability from any angle, on any type of lie. Speaking about high-tech, the Srixon Z745 offers the proprietary Quick Tune system, or QTS, which incorporates a twelve way fully adjustable hosel which will allow you to tweak the loft and the lie of the club, together with the face-angle. Also, there are 3 included weights which allow you to modify the center of gravity's location and swing weight, via the specially designed adjustable weight port located on the sole. The face is built from a titanium alloy and it's 35% more forgiving than the previous gen and the combo between a heavier head and an ultra light grip, together with the counterbalanced stock shaft form Srixon's DST (dual speed technology). The feel and sound of the Srixon Z745 are solid and thunky, but in a good way, and, bottom line, if you're looking for a high quality driver which fits a wide variety of golf styles and handicap ranges, this is as good as it gets!