Srixon Z 565 Golf DRIVER Review
    © Srixon Golf

    The Srixon Z 565 golf driver is a state of the art piece of gear, built and designed incorporating Srixon’s latest and greatest technologies for creating what the company dubs as a “Ripple Effect”. Basically, this baby delivers the ultimate in terms of performance via state of the art innovations, promoting exceptional levels of forgiveness together with a higher launch and a slight draw bias Compared to its Srixon Z 765 sibling, the Srixon Z 565 has a bigger club head, which is the secret behind the amazing levels of forgiveness and draw bias that the vast majority of golfers require, all packed into a traditional package which also looks outstandingly beautiful. Truth be told, this baby really stands out from the crowd via a minimalist design and perfect proportions.

    While other golf-gear manufacturers are decorating their drivers with all types of ridges and graphics, the Srixon Z 565 boasts a minimalist glossy black crown, whilst the sole is also very cleanly designed in black and silver with a straightforward/old school branding. Even if the Srixon Z 565 is very forgiving, its looks are aggressive and it seems more like a piece of gear for the plus handicap. As per its performance, the Srixon Z 565 offers excellent feedback on mishits and it’s relatively quiet at impact, delivering a rock-solid feel. It’s also worth mentioning that the Srixon Z 565 is currently the company’s game improvement driver in their latest gen lineup, which means it’s aimed at producing a slight draw bias and a higher launch trajectory. And yes, it delivers outstandingly well on both accounts, launching high and strong even on low strikes and being extremely forgiving due to its heel side sweet spot and moderate draw bias. Compared to the old Z 545, the Srixon Z 565 is a clear improvement, having a four percent increased moment of inertia and delivering more distance on low face strikes, being one of the strongest/best game improvement drivers on the market today.