PXG 0811XF Driver Review
©PXG Golf

The PXG 0811XF driver is engineered with a huge draw bias, being aimed at the most vicious slicers. This driver is very fairly easy to hit straight and to square up, and also relatively forgiving, due to its huge head profile and immense face area. Also, the center of gravity is located to help golfers to square up the face and to hit straighter/longer drives. In terms of appearance, modern drivers are relatively large compared to older generations, yet the PXG 0811XF is humongous, there’s no other word to describe it. This baby looks like a huge, matte, flat black frying pan on a stick, and unfortunately, it has near zero appeal at address, at least for fashion conscious golfers, but let that go. In terms of sound and feel, the PXG 0811XF is relatively neutral, as in neither quite nor very loud, and the same goes for the feel: somewhere in the middle, not very solid, yet pretty far from hollow. Everything falls right in the middle of the spectrum, including the driver’s adequate feedback. Performance wise, I have 2 words for you: fore left! The PXG 0811XF driver is incredibly draw biased, and if you’re that kind of golfer who’s slicing and dicing the ball off the planet all the time, this baby has your name engraved on its hosel.

However, if that description doesn’t fit you, neither the PXG 0811XF does, so keep that in mind, because this driver doesn’t come cheap either. Forgiveness wise, the XF comes with its sweet spot buried deeply in the heel of the club, hence if you hit mostly in the heel side of its face, you’ll benefit from pretty decent ball-speed and fairly low spin. Hitting towards the toe or in the center is quite unimpressive, to say the least. The PXG 0811XF comes with weight ports at the center of the sole and in the heel for adjustability, called Neutral and Draw Bias, with regard to ball flights. However, keep in mind that the PXG 0811XF is incredibly draw-biased, so try to play it a little before you buy (it comes with a $850 price tag by the way).