square driver

    Square Head Drivers have been a hot topic, and are now making a major impact on the PGA Tour: Lucas Glover won the U.S. Open in June using a square driver, and Stewart Cink followed up Sunday by winning the British Open.

    So, what are golfers gaining by switching to a square driver? Like other 460cc drivers, square drivers have excellent MOI, thus improving flight distance of off-center hits. Square drivers also produce a more distinct sound difference between centered and off-centered hits, giving useful feedback about what happened at impact. Glover finds a square driver gives him more control, and Cink liked it because it helped him get the right spin on the ball.

    The main characteristic when considering “going square” is actually the most obvious one; Shape! Look at the clubs from the top, as you would from your address position. If you're more comfortable with the traditional pear-shaped head, don't force yourself into a shape you don't see yourself adjusting to. Geometry 101 says, a square is much easier to align to a target than an oval. Golfers find this to be the biggest benefit of the square drivers, giving them greater accuracy and more confidence at the address position.

    These square-head drivers come in Right and Left-Handed, with the unique advantage of a flattened crown for more power and greater shot accuracy. The performance of these AT-460-SQS Drivers is quickly gaining great popularity among golfers.

    “I’m very pleased with the improvement your square driver has brought to my game. The square shape really helps me aim the club at my target, and I'm getting great distance even when I don’t make contact directly in the center of the club face. Thanks for making such an awesome driver!” – Robert S.

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