Ping G30 Drivers Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping G30 falls into the category of game improvement drivers and it retails for $349 with a graphite shaft. Long story short, the G30 is among the best drivers in the market in its niche and also the latest reiteration of the respective range; I can definitely say that this baby is a natural evolution of a best-seller’s story, the sequel back with a vengeance, that sort of thing. Basically, the G30 is the logical successor of the Ping G25 and what makes it different from the latter is its farther back/lower center of gravity, which makes for a piece of golf gear with an emphasis on speed but without sacrificing the driver’s overall performance in the process. And trust me, that’s a pretty rare quality for a game improvement driver in this price range. Being a true workhorse, the Ping G30 comes with top shelf consistency, featuring a low-spin/high speed 460cc head, thanks to the newly designed turbulators.

    I am referring to the Turbulator Technology, which was designed and engineered using wind tunnel testing, in order to reduce drag and increase distance. The specially re-designed center of gravity is aimed at offering optimal launch conditions from all types of lies and also a higher MOI (moment of inertia), for providing you with tons of forgiveness and optimal energy transfer during your swings. Courtesy of its TFC 419D shaft, the G30 offers more momentum and inertia and more energy, which translates into more speed and distance with great accuracy. The G30 produces a metallic bang upon ball impact and it’s fairly easy to swing, being well-balanced; also the driver offers a muscular-mid-high ball trajectory if hit correctly. There’s no trace of ballooning as far as I can determine, as the Ping G30 is a straight shooter with an aggressive look, having an unusual ability to cover all your mishits/flaws or your lazy swings. If you’re on the prowl for a versatile game improvement driver which comes with loads of forgiveness and speed, the Ping G30 is everything that you’ll ever need.