Cobra Fly Z+ Drivers Review

    The Cobra Fly Z+ falls into the category of better player drivers and it retails for $399. After taking it for a spin on the golf course, I can definitely say that the Fly Z+ is one of the most interesting new drivers released this year, being explosive and exciting to play with, especially on a sunny day. Cobra Fly Z+ really shines in its market niche courtesy of its adjustable CoG (center of gravity) and strong performance. I was intrigued when I first saw Cobra’s marketing campaign in regard to the Fly Z+, the #FlipitRipit hashtag respectively. Translated into plain English, the hashtag means that the Fly Z+ is the company’s first adjustable weight driver. Getting further into high-tech stuff, this baby allows you to fine-tune your golf gear to suit your gameplay. You can either set the Fly Z+ for a low back center of gravity (thus increasing forgiveness) or a forward center of gravity (for low spin). From each setting you’ll get different results, obviously, depending on your golfing style or your specific needs.

    Also, Cobra’s latest face technology in the Fly Z+ is awesome, being the real deal when it comes to professional golf gear. This driver has maybe the most consistent smash factor I’ve ever encountered in my experience, and you can take that to the bank folks! The Speed Channel face technology really works in this baby, and in tandem  with the E9 design it makes for the Fly Z+ to own the hottest face available on the market today, for a driver that is. In terms of design, the Cobra Fly Z+ looks simple, even modest at address and that’s great in my book, combining flair and simplicity into an attractive package.  If you’re looking for a solid performer which also looks awesome and it’s fun to hit, here’s the answer to your prayers!