People play golf for a variety of reasons. For instance, why some people play golf is purely for social purposes, while others enjoy the challenge, competition or being outdoors. This series of articles is aimed at preparing you to get out on the course and start having fun.

Part of why golf is so appealing is the built-in rules that level the playing field between players of varying skills, from beginners to veterans. These include the handicap system and the use of different tee sets.

A handicap is the number assigned to an individual player to estimate how many strokes under or over par he’ll be at the end of a round. A golfer’s handicap can change from course to course depending on the difficulty, and fluctuates over time as one’s scores go up or down. The better the golfer, the lower her handicap, and vice versa. If a golfer carrying a 3 handicap plays against a 13-handicap golfer, the better golfer spots the other 10 strokes for 18 holes.

The presence of multiple tee boxes on each hole is another great equalizer. Better golfers tee off from markers that are farther away from the hole than those used by inexperienced players. The various tees are usually distinguished by color, which indicate what kind of golfer should play from that tee, whether it's women, men, junior or senior golfers.

There is also a wide selection of courses to choose from. For instance, a good place to begin the game is on a par 3 course which is composed entirely of par 3s. These are the shortest golf holes and therefore easier for a beginner to play. There are also courses designated as beginner, training, or executive courses. These are typically much shorter and less challenging than traditional courses and it’s a great place to get acclimated to the flow of the game.

These beginner videos will help you build a solid foundation and boost your confidence, explaining golf’s many technical terms in simple language beginners can understand. The key is not to feel overwhelmed and to practice what you learn from these videos.

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