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Here is a question for you then, how should you adapt your technique when you are playing a chip shot up a hill? Well the first thing to consider is what is that hill going to do to the ball and then the second question is what is that hill going to do to the golfer? So firstly if we’ve got a set up here where we’ve got an upslope and at the top of the hill here is the flat part of the green. So I’m standing on an upslope the first thing to consider is that hill is going to make the ball fly higher, it’s going to make the ball pop up a little bit. So when a ball pops up it won’t necessary go as far as you are expecting it to and when it lands it will probably stop very quickly? So we can adjust our club decision and we can adjust where we want the ball to land to counter the fact that that slope; will make the ball go higher and stop quicker. The other consideration is how should; we stand to play that shot what is that hill going to try and do to us.

The first thing is the hill is going to try and make me fall backwards it’s going to put a lot of body weight to my right leg and during the stroke I might fall off the shot. But I don’t want to go and jumble my body weight and my front leg because I will find myself just hitting down and stubbing the ground with my golf club. So the first thing you would like to consider when you are playing this shot is set your shoulders level to the slope. So your spine angles perpendicular to the slope your shoulders are level to the slope. And effectively then might pull a path is hitting up following the line of the slope. So in a quit a severe slope I will have a severe tilt, a little slope I would’ve a little bit of a tilt and my club should follow the line of turf.

If my club is just digging down straight away I must have got my shoulders against the line of the hill and I’m just hitting straight into the floor. So level your shoulders to the line of the hill spine angle perpendicular. Two or three extra practice swings just to feel how the club can scuff the turf as it is coming through feeling like it’s an upward part of the arc. Then just make sure during your stroke you don’t get caught leaning backwards with your body weight you still like to lean forwards and follow through. And then the club is expected to pop the ball a bit higher and a bit shorter.

Makes it a couple of times when you go .to the driving range just chip in specifically practicing your short game. And then find a practice area where you can chip up hill slopes specifically because they do take a little bit of practice. You do need to understand how it affects your body and how it also affects the ball when it lands on the green. A little bit of practice time on that will pay of because you get a lot of this shots are on the golf course. Lot of raised greens when you are on the down slope sorry you; are on the up slopes. So practicing on those up slopes will encourage your short shots to be better and your scores to come down.