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Now, what’s the best way to play a Postage Stamp Green? Now by definition, a Postage Stamp Green is generally a par three with a very, very small target area, almost looks like a temporary green down that you’re trying to land on. We’re looking at holes slightly 8th the Troon or the 7th at Pebble Beach. Very famous short holes but very tricky shot holes as well. Now there’s two things that are really important to learning how to play Postage Stamp Greens efficiently. The first thing is, know your yardages. You probably only got one or two clubs that’s going to land on this green. It’s not like a 30/40 yard long green where three or four clubs would land on it. You might only have one, maybe two clubs that’ll actually work, so you need to understand the yardage of the hole and your accurate club yardages as well.

If you can get the yardage right, the next thing to get right is the accuracy. Now generally with the Postage Stamp Green, they’ll move the flag around to all four corners but it’s important you never actually take on that flag. Mainly try and aim at the center of the green. Know that if you can hit the right yardage straight to the center of the green because the green is very small, you’re only going to have a relatively short putt anyway. So there is no point trying to chase it on to a tight flag position then find that you’ve missed the green because chances are you’ve now short-sided yourself where you have very little room to work back on to get the ball back on the green. Suddenly you’re making double bogey from nowhere on a hole that might only be 120/130 yards long. So Postage Stamp Green; good chance for a birdie should be at par but don’t be too aggressive and make double bogey. Get the yardage right, play for the center and you’ll be fine.