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Video Transcript

When you look in most golfers’ bags, they’ve probably got a set of 12 or 14 clubs. It is quite important we focus on which clubs you’ve got and what they all do. And in most people’s bags, I don’t see enough wedges. So in my bag I’ve got four wedges; so that’s pitching wedge and a sand wedge that you’ve probably get a new set and then I’ve got a gap wedge and the lob wedge. For a lot of people they only just carry the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. Even with four wedges in my bag I still have a bit of a concern because I am going to use these wedges from every shot from 120, a 120 yards down to 2 yards. So I’ve got all those different distances to cover but I’ve only got four clubs. So I’ve got to adapt my technique and my stroke to make sure I’ve got the right distance of shot even though I’ve only got four wedges.

And one of those common shots we like to be able to hit as good players is a three quarter wedge. So we’ve maybe got our four-wedge distance of 100 yards, I would want to hit one 75 yards; I want a three quarter wedge. And the way I’m going to play that because is actually I am going to change my setup to mean I’ve got less power. So my full wide stance full wide set up here has too much power. So I’m going to narrower my stance, move a little nearer the ball and grip down. Straight away, I’ve got less power. This wouldn’t go as far as my full setup would do. I’m now going to lean lightly into my left side, maybe 55, 60% into my left side here at setup, and then I’m going to shorten my backswing. And just by making a three quarter length backswing, I should be able to control the distance I hit my shot better I have three quarter distance shots as well. So I was too wide and am going to go narrow, nearer, on my left side and then shorten my swing three quarters, to three quarters and that would give me a nice control distance. And it will go about three quarters of the distance of a full wedge shot. So learn to hit the three quarter wedges for more accurate approach shots.