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Video Transcript

If when you play you notice that your shots are weak to the right hand side for the right handed golfer and shorter and they’re not really feeling great off the club phase. We might investigate whether you’re actually hitting the ball from the toe side. So you can get yourself some phase tape or even just look where the grass and the mud is imprinting on the club phase. And if you started to see the balls are hitting the toe edge of the golf club, here’s a couple of other exercises that you can work on. Firstly check that you’re not too far away from the golf ball. If you were stretching out to start with, it might mean that you are going to hit inside the ball and catch it off the toe. The other thing that we might consider is are you swinging too far left, and pulling in at the golf ball as you come into it. Now that left foot swing may be caused by your shoulder alignment. So guard and take your normal set of position, bring the club up, place it over your shoulders and just look down the line and make sure it’s lined up square to your target. If your left arm and hand is back, you’ll be aiming left, you’ll be swinging left and pulling the ball a little bit too much towards the toe.

The other thing that might be causing you problems would be standing up with your spine angle. So from a good address position I can lift the ball quite nicely. If when I return down to impact, my spine angle is standing up taller. I stretch down; I can’t reach that ball well enough. I clip it from the toe side and it’s a weak shot and to the right golf shot. So great exercise to make sure that your spine angle is being made consistent, maintained consistently through the swing. Just take a golf club, place it up over the back of your neck and hold on to it there and start in a vertical position, turning and turning. And you should notice the club head and club handle come back to the same position, because my spine angle is consistent. I then take a till forward in my golf position. I’m making sure that I’m tilting correctly from my hips and not from my waist and crutching down.

So I’ve got a good posture, good spine angle and now when I turn the club handle comes down well towards the ball and I turn through and the club head goes into exactly the same position. We often see golfers turn back in the original position but then stand up and that standing up motion brings the club in and a bit too high resulting in the toe shots. So practicing like this in the front of the mirror rotating and rotating, gives you the feeling that your spine angle can rotate comfortably on a nice tilted plane rather than standing up. Practicing like that should encourage more centered contact, less toe shots, more distance and a better feeling of your own shots.