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So let's now look at the reasons why this laid off backswing position might be happening for you. Now there’s couple of reasons firstly to consider. One of those is going to be lazy hands as in not doing enough with the hands in the backswing. So I’ve got a good setup position here. I’ve got my 8 iron. Everything's pointing down the correct target line. As I swing back if I do nothing with my hands and my hands don’t hinge or cock the golf ball up as they should do correctly. I get back to this position here. The hands haven't done enough.

And I can't get the golf club to point efficiently at my target. It points out to that laid off side position. So lazy hands or under-using the hands can be a problem. The club should come back, the hands should work up. If the club comes back and the hands don’t do anything, we’ll end up with that laid off position. Another area that might create a slightly laid off position is going to be under rotation, generally speaking under rotation of the body. So during the backswing, the body doesn't quite rotate round to its 90 degrees that it would want it to.

It kind of gets around here. The hands do that, but the left shoulder doesn't rotate enough you are going to find the club is not going to fully get round to it on plane, on line position at the top. So as we swing back we turn around this way, the upper body hasn't rotated enough and I can’t get that club round to point at my intended target line. So it gets a little bit flat in the backswing and a bit laid off because I can't rotate my shoulders. One more reason for laying the golf club off is actually going to be standing up.

So pull a posture in the backswing, sometimes down to lack of flexibility for golfers with lower back or hip injuries. So if we get ourselves set up to the ball again during the backswing, we stand up as we swing the club back. You’ll often see that club points left of my intended target at the top. It doesn't point down my target line. So lazy hands, under-rotating, and standing up in the backswing are primary causes for having the club laid off at the top of your backswing.