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Video Transcript

As you begin to playing golf you will often be told about how important it is to get the right position on your grip, so it’s getting the hands exactly set as they should be and hopefully you’ve got that sorted by now. A lots of people who would have also told to not grip the golf club too tightly, and that’s very good advice, we don’t want to strangle the golf club as the tension leased above swing falls. You’ve also got to be careful that you don’t let go of the golf club too much and you actually keep a nice consistent grip pressure. There are points in the swing where the club can feel very heavy as it tries to pull out of your hands, and if you are not holding the cup tightly enough, we could get problems with miss hits and inconsistencies because your grip pressure was actually too lose, too light.

So during the set up phase we often talk about holding the club on a one to ten of scale about five, four or five out of ten, the old add adage of imagine there is a tube of toothpaste and you’re are not going to squeeze any toothpaste out of the amber, there’s is just a little tiny little blubber toothpaste out the end. Then during your swings you get to the top and you transition and you pull down on the golf club. The club had a momentum house, feels like the club is getting much heavier and it pulls out of your fingers. Now I see a lot of golfers are trying to grip the golf club almost too relaxed, that at the top of the swing they almost let go of the club barer and it becomes a little bit of a gap and it can actually result in some very long over swing some inconsistent over swings here and is all because of the grip pressure particularly in the last couple of finger in the left hand gets too lose to light, so it almost drops out of the hand before they regain it.

So just make sure that during your back swing you keep even pressure through the left for the right handed golfer and you pull down nicely without letting go of the grip, then a nice solid grip as you release the club head through impact ‘cause again to light a grip pressure could result in the club twisting or banding particularly for hast into long grass and the grass grabs the club and if you are not holding it tight enough, it could twist the club off line. So not advocating strangling the golf club and holding it too hard, like I said four or five out of ten is good is good at setup, but if you’ve got a long back swing you starting to let go of the club up here maybe just focus on squeezing the club a little bit tighter with the back three fingers, so during the impact face it’s been nice and consistent nice and solid, so nice consistent grip pressure will lead to better and straighter golf shots.