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Video Transcript

If you are struggling on the golf course with, maybe feeling anxious and under pressure, maybe you’re game’s good when you’re on the practice ground but you get to the first tee and suddenly your game crumbles. It’s a sure sign that you’re going to get a bit anxious on the golf course. So, here is a couple of little tips which will hopefully help you to improve that.

The first thing I think to do, is that you really need to be really focused on your pre shot routine. You need to have a solid repeatable pre-shot routine every single time, that doesn’t change from first tee to final green. Your pre-shot routine should be the same every single time, make sure you are committed to doing that pre-shot routine.

The next thing would be to think a little bit more about the process that you are involved with, rather than the outcome that you are hoping for, or more importantly fearing. So if you’re fearful of hooking the ball into water, standing over the first ball of the golf course thinking, about hooking the ball into water, it is a pretty sure fair way but it’s going to hook into the water. You’ve got to think about a lot more about the process that you want to do, to ensure it doesn’t so the process of making your swing, keeping the club facing the right place to avoid the hook and if you can think about that process rather than the outcome that should definitely help you.

The other area where people mainly come unstuck on the golf course is generally anxiety would manifest itself in speed and people get faster and faster and faster so when you’re nervous you might talk quicker, you might walk quicker and you’d certainly start to swing quicker, so really just go about your pre shot routine, your setting up over the golf ball, nice and smoothly, nice and slowly and just take an extra deep breath before you set up to the golf ball.

The other area I think you should focus on is your visualization. Making sure that you are positively visualizing the right result and it’s really important you don’t visualize the wrong results. Standing here visualizing the ball curving into water is definitely what you want to avoid so just make sure that when you start your pre shot routine, you’re looking down the target line, you’re thinking very clearly about where you want the ball to go, you’re visualizing the ball landing out there on to the green, then you get over the golf ball, a committed a pre shot routine there into the shot, nice and positive through the ball and hopefully that will help you overcome those pressurized situations.