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Video Transcript

Now here’s a really nice little drill for you if you struggle with your putting stroke. One of the biggest floors we see in putting strokes is too much wrist hinge, where the hands and arms kind of fight each other for control of the putter, we end up breaking down with the putting stroke this way. Most people are aware that they shouldn’t use their wrist when they are putting, we try and make it as much as possible from a shoulders action, but if you have got a wrist hinging problem in your putting stroke that you are aware of. A one handed putting drill is a great way of curing this, so you can set yourself up just on the putting green with the few short puts just purely with your right hand first, left hand behind your back. And just rock the putter backwards and forwards. And you will feel straight away whether you are just casting it with your right hand here and you can feel whether you are flicking it or not or whether the putting stroke is coming correctly as it should do from the shoulder of just rocking backwards and forwards.

But once you have made a few practice strokes feel free to actually roll a few putts in, it didn’t have to be long putts just 3 or 5 feet will do, just rocking it backwards and the forwards just getting a feel of whether you are getting involved in the putting stroking correctly. And then once you have done it with your right hand start with your left hand right hand behind your back, same thing and just make a few more putts this way around. And again you will just watch your arm and just see whether you are getting back casting motion.

And bizarrely some people actually feel it very much better putters, one handed than they all two handed because they just have one handing control rather than fighting and arguing, but hopefully once you have done some one handed putts with both hands you can then link them together form a nice unit together on the club and again they just rock in the same fashion, they don’t argue and fight just rock backwards and forwards. So one handed putting is a great way to improve your two handed putting stroke.