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Video Transcript

I think this is one of my favorite ever drills. It cures so many different parts of people’s golfing faults, golfing bad habits, but particularly relevant for this spinning out exercise. It’s a relatively simple drill, you do it in your normal practice routine. It’s great for normal swing maintenance and it just involves putting your feet together and then making normal golf swings. So when I say feet together, maybe a ball’s width apart would be okay. Just see you feel like you got some degree of balance. I’ve got a 9 iron here and I’ve got a ball just slightly teed up, just having the ball teed up just aids the strike and aids the confidence because you’ll see better results. And from that position, we just make normal back and through motions, back and through swings. So vertical height on the way back, vertical height on the way through.

I’m probably going to see about a 60% flight of my normal distance here. I’m not going to be able to hit it full power because I can’t shift my bodyweight. But the way this works in terms of spinning out, this is really going to stop me lifting up and standing back, because I’ve become very off-balanced. So even though our feet are together, I’ve got a ball upon a tee peg here with a 9 iron. I do want to try and retain my balance throughout the swing so I can hit the ball quite nicely, lose a bit of distance yes, but I’ve retained my balance, I’ve been able to turn through and keep my balance fairly normal and comfortable and I got a good strike. I didn’t see that I jumped out of the way and land back on it.

I’ll encourage you to do that at the start and maybe the middle of every practice session and maybe just do 10 balls, feet together at the start, 10 balls, feet together in the middle of your session, just to make sure you’re retaining good tempo, good timing, good balance and specifically to stop you standing up and spinning out of the ball. Any results where you’re topping the ball or pulling the ball are probably signs that you were on the back leg and you were lifting out of the shot. If we can make a really good impact position and stay down through impact, that’s going to be a sign that we’re making the best possible efforts to not spin out of the shot with the feet together drill.