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Whenever I see golfers who are looking at buying new putters they often talk about the weight of the putter and particularly if you got a fairly cheap kind of starting set or it’s your first putter and you didn’t really have much choice when you bought it, you got this cheap rattily sort of putter. Often the feeling of a heavy putter is a really nice feel. It sits a lot more solid in your hands. And for anyone that has a slightly dubious putting stroke where the club has a tendency to twist or they don’t have a very smooth back and through action. A heavier putter is definitely something I would recommend. So when you try out putters, feel for a nice heavy putter, a nice big mallet headed putter something like that. It’ll help you with a nice smooth back and through stroke because it just swings like a plum bob on the end of a weight rather than kind of been flicked around by the wrist too much./p>

The only downside of having a heavy putter is it can feel a bit cumbersome on very fast greens. So if you got a slick putt that’s downhill and you’ve got this very heavy putter on the end of the club there, it can feel a little bit awkward. But apart from that there is no real downside for having a good solid heavy putter. So next time you’re trying out a few clubs, feel for the heavy putters and feel how they make your stroke feel a little bit smoother back and through the golf ball. Check out, they’ve got a good selection of really weighted putters on their website and see whether one of those would help improve your putting stroke.