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Video Transcript

I think whenever you watch a golfer hit the ball nicely, one of the overriding feelings should be that it looks smooth and that doesn’t just apply to golf. Quite often when we watch any sports person playing any sports in the world, the guys that are the best at doing it, generally look the smooth is doing it. You watch gymnasts doing triple flips and you watch divers diving off diving boards and you watch footballers dancing around other players and scoring goals. They generally look smooth doing it.

And that’s definitely something that we should try to incorporate into our own golf. So, the swing I’ve made there might only swing thought, was to feel smooth doing it. So, I wasn’t trying to hit the ball a particularly long way. What I was trying to do is load up in my back swing and then be smooth in my down swing and feel like my down swing started before my back swing finished to get that nice, smooth transition without that stop/start element that we sometimes see.

And I think just by focusing on being smooth, I inherently generate a huge amount of power in my swing. So, I’m not trying to hit the ball hard. But load up the power and release the power with the hips. And I’m sure if you watch the world’s best players when you see them playing on the TV, yes, they’re driving the ball 300 yards, but they are not standing there where they express ambition of trying to murder that ball and hit it as far as they can.

They’re thinking if I get my good setup and I turn allow it to here and I start with my hips and I finish here, that golf ball is going to go 300 yards without necessarily trying to do that. And I think that smoothness that we see in golf and that smoothness that we see the world’s best players in other sports as well is something that you can try and bring into your game. So, next time you are on the range, focus on shoulders starting the back swing, hips starting the down swing, nice big smooth finish when you’ll hit the ball further and straighter than you ever have them before.